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Ananda Jayaraman

WiPM2020 1-3
WIPM2020 - Ananda Jayaraman

Name:  Ananda Jayaraman  

Title:    Senior Project Manager 

Organization:    Refinitiv 

Sector:   Finance


1)      Can you briefly help us understand your current role?

As a technology delivery Sr. Project Manager, I am responsible for enhancing a wide range of powerful applications that help customers understand the financial markets and make crucial decisions.


2)      What three words best describe you?

 Goal driven, out-of-the box thinker and collaborator


3)      How did you get started in project management?

I had been working as a QA, but found myself bored. Half-yearly reviews came around and I told my manager quite frankly that I wanted a new challenge. Two weeks later, he walked by my desk and asked if I wanted to try managing a tiny little project he had on the side burner. I said yes. I shadowed the first week, ran calls as my manager watched the second, and by the third week, I was a PM.


4)      What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I once managed a project where we were working on detecting fraudulent credit card transactions. The layers upon layers of security and the sheer number of servers across different locations all working together seamlessly to keep your money safe.


5)      How has project management been important to your organization?

Very important. It would be like a building without foundation. If nobody was there to drive meetings and take proactive measures on the calls, we would lose sight of goal, timeliness and focus.


6)      What is the single most crucial skill you look for in a project manager?

Transparent communication. You can send as many emails as Outlook will let you, but it won't do anyone any good unless you get straight to the point.


7)      What is the best project management punchline you've heard?

My family and I were watching a car renovation show, and the shop owner had a tagline, which, lightly edited, I love to use as my personal PM motto: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.


8)    What historical project do you wish you could have worked on?  

I wish I could've been a project manager for an inventor like Thomas Edison. It would be amazing to know that I am managing projects that change how we experience society, which inventions like electricity and lightbulbs did.


9)    What is most rewarding about projects?  

The most rewarding would be the rising to the challenege of using crtical thinking to problem-solve in new ways.


10)    What is one fun fact we should know about you?   .

I can still do the splits!

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