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Danelle A. Dancy

VS-Danelle A. Dancy
Volunteer Spotlight 4-6

Name:   Danelle A. Dancy
Title:    Project Specialist
Organization:    Peraton


1)   What volunteer position do you currently hold?

Communications Team – assist with Volunteer Spotlight, Women in Project Management and
other team items as needed.  


2)   What are the duties/responsibilities of your current role?

Gather all information necessary to publish on community website.


3)   How long have you been in this role?

2 years


4)   How long have you been volunteering for PMI?

2 years  


5)   What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

The satisfaction of bringing notoriety to PMI-STL community members and assisting with
highlighting Women in Project Management. It’s always exciting to see other women working in
the profession.

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