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Kimberly Chappelear

WiPM2020 - Kimberly Chappelear
WiPM2020 1-3

Name:   Kimberly Chappelear
Title:    Project Manager 
Organization:    Cigna/Express Scripts
Sector:   Healthcare


1)      Can you briefly help us understand your current role?

I am currently a Project Manager for our Phoenix system within the Retail Networks team at Express Scripts. I work as the liaison between our team and cross functional partners to act as a system SME while understanding, managing and implementing projects for system enhancements and new capabilities needed for Phoenix.


2)     How did you get started in project management?

I got into project management from my past position as an account manager at a consulting firm which involved meeting with various IT Directors and Project Managers to learn their business and understand their IT projects in order to track them from a resource standpoint. After meeting and building relationships with the stakeholders of these projects, I realized I possessed and utilized many of the skills needed as a Project Manager and I really enjoyed these aspects. From there, I joined Express Scripts and have been given the chance to formalize these skills and expand on them by learning from my great colleagues around me!


3)      What three words best describe you?

Ambitious, sincere and resilient


4)      How has project management been important to your organization?

Within Express Scripts, one thing that is constant is change. From just the nature of the industry to how Express Scripts continues to evolve their business, there are always new ideas being thought of and innovation is always present. With that, I believe project management is essential to bringing these ideas to life in a structured process in order to make a difference for our clients and communities. Someone has to put the puzzle pieces together!


5)      What is one fun fact we should know about you?

A fun fact about myself is that I broke both of my feet within a week of each other, not many people can say that. Disclaimer: I SWEAR I am coordinated.


6)      What is the single most important skill you look for in a project manager?

I think communication is one of the most important skills needed in project management. Communication can be a broad term but if you have great ideas and knowledge that needs to be shared but you can’t communicate in a way that makes other people want to engage and invest in you and/or your project, you’ll have a harder time building the relationships needed to make youself and your projects successful.


7)    To Whom would you give an honorary PMI Certification?

Have you seen an increase in project managers who are women at your organization. One thing that pleasantly surprised me when starting my role at Express Scripts was how many women are not only in project management but also leadership roles. I’ve learned a lot from the people around me, both men and women, but it’s nice to look around and see other women holding high level positions and think that could possibly be you one day (hopefully sooner than later!).

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