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Smita Gupta

Volunteer Spotlight 1-3
VS - Smita Gupta

Name:   Smita Gupta

Title:     Senior Delivery Manager 

Organization:    Cigna


1)     What volunteer position do you currently hold?

Programs Event Manager for the monthly Chapter Dinner meetings on the Programs Committee of the Metro St. Louis Project Management Institute Chapter.


2)      What are the duties/responsibilities of your current role?

I’m responsible for securing professional speakers for my assigned Chapter Dinner meetings. As part of my volunteering responsibilities, I vet out potential speakers and their meeting topics. Important considerations in selecting the speakers are their expertise area, reviews of their past speaking assignments and their speaker fee negotiation. I’m responsible for completing the Event Requirements Document, used as the sole input for advertising, room setup, taking care of special requests from the speaker and posting event information on the www.pmimsl.org website, that drives member event registration.


3)      How long have you been in this role?

I’ve been in this role since 2009.


4)      How long have you been volunteering for PMI?

11 years


5)    What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

o My favorite thing about volunteering is to be part of the team that has continued to raise the bar in securing good quality and engaging speakers. I’m amazed by the collective drive and vision of my team to secure broad spectrum of speakers, covering different aspects of project management - ranging from hard core technical techniques to soft skills geared towards motivating and inspiring project management professionals. I truly treasure the strong professional relationships, naturally built during my volunteering journey with some of the top project management professionals in the field.

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