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Theresa Luebcke

Past Presidents
PP - Theresa Luebcke

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment as PMIMSL -President?

Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter was awarded the Chapter of the Year, Category III in 2013, for the achievements during the calendar year 2012, while I was President.  That year, we were the only Chapter in North America to be awarded Chapter of the Year in any category!  This is a phenomenal honor for any Chapter, and I was extremely proud of our Chapter.  However, this was the culmination of work of every Board member that year and every Volunteer who helped make the events we offered successful.  Although I was President, this award would not have been possible without a fabulous Board and willing Volunteers!

 How did you get started in Project Management?

I was employed by EDS (later bought out by HP), as a ‘Systems Analyst’ (programmer); and was not happy coding!  I was also at a bit of a personal crossroads (all good) and needed to make a career change.  I was working on the WorldCom account and there was an opportunity for Business Analyst work.  I found I really enjoyed the requirements gathering and project work.  An opportunity then opened at the GM Wentzville account for a Global Project Manager, for a virtual team.  I found this was a good fit for me, I then joined PMI and obtained my PMP later that year.


What is your favorite inspirational/professional quote?

“What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”  Albert Pike

What three Leadership Principles have you discovered that have contributed to your success?

  1. Lead by Example

 Don’t ask more from your Board/Members than what you are willing to do.  Do the right thing (attend the meeting; talk to the membership; take the training; etc.), even if it might be inconvenient for you.

  1. Develop the Leadership Qualities of your Board/Members

  Know your Board, find their strengths and work to help them develop their leadership abilities.  I am very proud of the fact I ‘identified’ the last 5 Presidents and   encouraged them to seek their potentials!

  1. Embrace Diversity and Collaboration

Our membership is diverse, therefore, our Board – our Leaders – need to be diverse.  I feel PMIMSL does this very well!  And as we collaborate with our members and other organizations (corporate and educational), our potential is endless!


What suggestions would you recommend for a good “Work/Life” balance?

One must determine what is important to you, and it is never easy!  As I am now retired, I sometimes regret not spending more time with my children.  However, as a single mother, I really had no choice.  And my girls are wonderful adults!  The balance falls in not beating yourself up ‘not doing’ something, rather realizing the better you feel about yourself (be it work accomplishments, Volunteering – for PMI or other organizations, or watching your child during a school event, etc.); the better balance you will have.


What advice would you give to someone that is considering being candidate for PMIMSL President? 

I give the same advice I gave those coming after me and to the 26 Boards in Region 6 I worked with as Region Mentor (yes, I still volunteer for PMI!).  As President (and/or Board Member), you are the Leader of the organization, NOT the ‘doer’.  Your job is to gather as many Volunteers under you to do the work of the organization and encourage them to want to take on more responsibilities as Leaders.  If you (or your Board) do all the work, no one will want to take on that responsibility!  If your job ‘looks’ easy, more members will want to become involved! 

And as Venus would say: “Have fun!”



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