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Tracy Comer

Military Spotlight 1-3
MS-Tracy Comer


Name:   Tracy Comer
Title:     Kforce 
Organization:    Consultant


1)     What volunteer position do you currently hold?

  • Mentoring Event Coordinator
  • Academic Outreach Student Venue Manager



2)      What are the duties/responsibilities of your current role?

  • For Mentoring Event Coordinator, I organize the traditional mentoring and speed mentoring events for the chapter. Traditional mentoring includes presenting the program details at chapter pre-dinner meetings, matching volunteers with each other, gathering feedback from volunteers, and mentoring volunteers. Speed mentoring includes presenting the event details during the events, reserving meeting space, food, and drinks with venues, and gathering feedback from attendees.
  • For Student Venue Manager, I contact staff at Universities and Colleges to describe and offer services and resources that the school staff and students can obtain from the chapter’s members. This builds relationships between the chapter and local schools.


3)      How long have you been in this role?

  • Since 2017 for both positions.

4)      How long have you been volunteering for PMI?

  • Since 2017.

5)    What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

  • Volunteering helps me build and enhance my skills, and also allows me to meet and communicate with talented people that I might not otherwise have a chance to interact with.

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