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Venus Patel

Past Presidents
PP - Venus Patel

 What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment as PMIMSL President?

Hosting Region 6 Leadership Meeting for the second time, being the first chapter in Region 6 incorporating global and regional leadership planning model.


 How did you get started in Project Management?

Early on, my boss saw me leading team informally and asked me to lead a project team. Quickly after that landed myself in position to lead multiple projects. After 5 years in workforce, moved into a formal Project Management Title position.


 What is your favorite inspirational/professional quote?

Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi.



 What three Leadership Principles have you discovered that have contributed to your success?

  1. Delegate to your team
  2. Build relationship among your team members
  3. Learn when to say NO and say it


What suggestions would you recommend for a good “Work/Life” balance?

  1. Prioritization - Identify what is important, urgent and respond to those first before anything else.
  2. Delegation - Delegating work builds trust in your team members and frees up your bandwidth to focus on more important decisions.
  3. My Time - Don't forget time for yourself. Everyone needs time to relax and recharge.


 What advice would you give to someone that is considering being candidate for PMIMSL President?

Just Do It! Don't let anything keep you away from leading your community that needs your leadership.


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