Emotional Intelligence for Managing Diverse and Complex Teams

Power Skills

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, manage and purposefully express our own emotions as well understand and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. This is a crucial capacity to develop for project managers as it plays such a critical role in motivating team members, problem solving, resolving conflicts and in building relationships.

  • Emotional stigma and our tendencies to suppress emotions  
  • Mental health and the internal challenges we are faced with
  • The technological influence on emotional intelligence
  • Recognizing and managing emotions in ourselves
  • Opportunities for influencing emotional responses in others
  • Non-verbal cues and reading people
  • The emotion-cognition correlation (EQ & IQ)
  • Stress, risk factors and coping/reduction mechanisms
  • Transparency and integrity in the ways we communicate
  • Cultural, locational, personality and generational considerations
  • Our brain’s limbic and neocortex thinking systems
  • Optimism and controlling our focus
  • Fears and internal roadblocks that inhibit individuals and teams

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It is no longer possible to register for this event


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Date: May 15th, 2024

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