NOTE: The only place to report PDU information is the PMI Headquarters site. Metropolitan St. Louis PMI chapter does not report any PDU information for you. Metropolitan St. Louis PMI chapter's Component ID is C071 (Zero 7 1).

Attending PMI local community events is an excellent way for credential holders to maintain their PMI certifications.

We are providing these tips to make it easier for attendees to claim 1-2 PDUs in the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) System.

Login to the CCR System HERE


Here are some general tips for using the simplified Report PDUs feature. Access this feature on the left navigation.


Potential activities in which you participated are categorized by Education or Giving Back. Simply find the activity in which you participated and click on it to provide more details about the PDU claim.


The PDU claim forms have been simplified and offer Help text to guide you.

note.gif    You can submit PDUs for Working as a Practitioner once throughout your three-year cycle.

• For every PDU claim you submit, you receive a claim ID

• If you submit a PDU claim for multiple certifications, the single claim will produce multiple claim IDs.


• Once you submit a claim, you have the option to retract it so you can edit it, and the option to delete it.

• If you submit a claim for multiple certifications, you only need to modify edit, retract, or delete ONE claim ID and CCRS will automatically apply your changes to the associated claims.


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