PMI Academic Outreach News Bulletin

In case the bulk of you missed out on the fantastic work our Outreach Program has been doing, here is a recap of the latest efforts brought about by Tonya Huskey. On Friday June 22, 2018 at Washington University- St. Louis an event was held for Wash U. Office of Sustainability Interns. Two wonderful guest speakers, Pat Guichet (SSM Health) & Jeff Kelley (Ameren Missouri BizSavers), presented on the recent projects they have worked on in the St. Louis area. After the presenters showcased their experience to the participants there was a round table discussion held to allow the interns a chance for some amazing Q&A that could benefit them in the successful completion of their own projects.

PMI and the Academic Outreach Program would like to send a sincere Thank You to Pat Guichet and Jeff Kelley for taking the time out to mentor and inspire our upcoming community. We would also like to send our gratitude to the Tonya Huskey team for using her resources to bring positive influences into the lives of promising project managers.